Image Processing
Image capture - from any source via flat-bed, overhead and film scanning or digital camera techniques. Image enhancement - automated deskew, crop and noise removal. File name assignment and quality assurance. Image segmentation - logical and physical division of typeset pages into individual articles.


Data Creation
OCR conversion with word coordinates in multiple languages and character sets. XML data creation or unification, fielding and cataloguing. Off-shore keying, key-wording, correction. Subject categorization, genre classification.


Search Engine Technology
Full-text and indexed search and retrieval with cross-language searching. Programming and Design Web design and integration.


We can supply and install the hardware and software in a location of your choice, or let us host your site for you from our high-availability, electronic data centre.


Network Attached Storage devices. Enterprise class NAS from 1 terabyte to 9.6 terabyte, RAID 5 in a 1U to 4U 19" rack-mount chassis.


Our own licensable, full facility content management system featuring: Imaging and content creation suites. Indexing, search and retrieval engine. Fuzzy and Boolean searching. Multiple language support Hit term highlighting on JPG, PNG, TIFF image files. PDF printing options.

Naturally, we are happy to consult on all aspects of archiving and conversion.